16.     Isaac Barnard (1791 - 1834)

reached the rank of Major in the 14th U.S. Infantry; fought in several battles in the northern theatre during the War of 1812 and was distinguished for his actions in leading his regiment during the battle of Lyons Creek.  He returned to the practice of law and held several appointed offices before being elected to the Senate of Pennsylvania.  He married Harriet, eldest daughter of Judge Isaac Darlington.  Was the organizer of the Republican Artillanists, a body of militiamen similar to the current National Guard and was instrumental in securing the monument and grounds memorializing the Battle of Paoli (Paoli Massacre).  Later appointed Secretary of the Commonwealth and subsequently elected (by the legislative as it was done in those days) to the United States Senate.  His unbroken political ascendancy was terminated when he failed to receive the nomination for Governor of the Commonwealth because of opposition from within Chester County itself.  Quite soon his health deteriorated and he died at the young age of 43 on February 18, 1834.  When grave yards were outlawed within the West Chester borough limits, his remains were transferred to The Oaklands Cemetery on October 19, 1854.

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