17.     Joseph Emley Borden (9 May 1854 - 14 Oct 1929)

major league baseball player in the early years of professional sports.  He was born into a prominent family in Jacobstown, New Jersey and pitched under the pseudonym Nedrob Borden (Nedrob is Borden spelled backward).  On July 28, 1875 he pitched the first recorded major league no-hitter while playing for the Philadelphia "Fillies" and the National Association.  In 1876, while playing for Boston in the newly formed National League, Mr. Borden won the first game played in the League.  His baseball career included only those two years after which he moved to West Chester, married Henry S. Evans' daughter and became a local businessman.  He died on October 14, 1929 which, coincidentally, was the day the Philadelphia Athletics won the World Series from the Chicago Cubs in nearby Philadelphia.

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