3.     Thomas S. Butler (4 Oct 1855 - 26 May 1928)

a nephew of Judge William Butler, he was better known as Congressman rather than as a lawyer or judge.  He was the son of Samuel Butler and son-in-law of Smedley Darlington, two of Chester County's most influential Republicans.
Following his defeat for another term as Judge of Chester County in 1889 (by Joseph Hemphill, a Democrat), he was then appointed to serve out the unexpired term of Judge Futhey.  He was subsequently elected to the United States Congress where he would serve for 33 years.  While a member of Congress, he was Chairman of the Naval Committee.  When the Japanese gave the now famous Cherry Trees to our National Capital, Butler as a member of Congress received a seedling.  This tree is still standing and flourishes in the side yard of his old home at 228 West Miner Street in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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