5.     Jean Claude Antoine Brunin deBolmar (1797 - 1861)

born in Bourbon Lancy, France.  Educated at the Imperial Lyceum until the downfall of Napoleon.  In 1828 he emigrated to Philadelphia where he taught French.  Following the outbreak of a cholera epidemic, he moved to West Chester and in 1834, he took charge of the West Chester Academy, located in the vicinity of Gay and Darlington Streets.  Six years later he purchased Mrs. Phelps Young Ladies Boarding School and converted it to a Boarding School for Young Men and Boys, conducted in a manner which reflected his military background.  According to Futhey & Cope, "This school speedily became one of the most popular and flourishing institutions in our country".  It acquired a world wide celebrity attracting numerous pupils from distant places especially from southern states and West Indies.  The energetic principal was regarded as the Napoleon of teachers ... No boy could ever boast that he had outwitted "Bolly", as he was familiarly called by his pupils.

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